Hunting on Club Property

  1. All hunting on PSA property is at your own risk.
  2. There will be NO rifles permitted for hunting of any game.
  3. NO guests will be allowed to hunt on club property.
  4. Youth hunting (16 years old and under) are permitted when accompanied by an adult member. The youth hunter must also attend the safety meeting.
  5. You must attend a safety meeting and carry your badge with you while hunting on club property.
  6. Property east of the sporting clay fields will be open to hunting with shotguns inlines and muzzleloaders.
  7. Property from sporting clays to the west will be open to hunting with archery and shotguns with shot shells only. No shot larger than #4.
  8. A safety harness must be worn always while in a tree stand.
  9. You need to register and tag your tree stand with the hunting committee.
  10. Tree stands must be removed within one month of the close of deer season.
  11. You can hang tree stands after August 1st.
  12. PSA is not responsible for tree stands if left on property.
  13. You are required to attend a safety meeting every year to hunt on the property.

We have the hunting meeting for 2018 scheduled for

  • July 28th at 10am
  • August 26th at 1pm
Remember you must attend one of these meetings (even if you attended one last year) to hunt on the club’s property.

Please contact Scott Garrison if you have any questions

Tree stands that were left in the woods from last year have been removed by the hunting committee.

Please register for one of the meetings by calling Scott Garrison 838-1055 or email

There will limited use of firearms on the property


Eye and ear protection is required on all ranges!!!!

For more information, please send us an email at the following link: Palmyra Sportsmen